Friday, November 4, 2011

Random Thoughts of a Pregnant Woman

  • It is much easier for me to keep my composure while nauseous at school than at home. I guess that's one of the blessings of marriage - the freedom to be weak.
  • My students draw pictures of my baby. I really hope my baby doesn't look like their pictures. Otherwise, my child will have an extra large head, seriously crooked eyes, and not all the proper appendages.
  • Friends are the best - especially friends who share the umm...blessings of breast feeding. I had no idea all the crazy things could happen that they mentioned. I guess that's why the Lord gives you 9 months to get mentally prepared.
  • Funny Story: I'm the "dismissal lady" at my school. So I stand in the lobby and call students to the office whose parents decide to walk in and get them rather than use the carline. So, the other day sweet Ruby was leaving school. Her family was half-way out the door when she turns around and runs back to me. "Mrs. Lackey," she says. "I hope you have a good baby." I reply, "Thank you Ruby, I do too. But if I don't - I'll just spank him." Wide eyed and silent, she runs out the door.

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  1. Hey friend, I know God has placed special friends in your life to help you with pregnancy and breastfeeding, but I am very passionate about helping mothers breastfeed, too! If you ever have any questions just ask. David and I had a VERY rough go of it. It took us 8 entire, LONG weeks to get the hang of it. Love you,