Monday, November 7, 2011

The Notebook

No, not the movie - this notebook:

What is this, you ask? It's my prayer notebook for our sweet baby. It serves several purposes.

1) I often find prayer difficult. I love praying - love that I can talk with the One True God anytime I want/need. However, my mind is so weak and easily distracted. I often begin daydreaming as my mind wanders. I think the catholics may be on to something with the whole rosary thing. Anyway, this notebook forces me to focus more as I write my prayers.

2) It serves as a record of God's faithfulness. I find that as I re-read my prayers, I am encouraged to see how God provided whatever was needed.

3) It builds my faith. Similar to #2, being reminded of God's faithfulness to me builds my faith when times are scary or I am stressed. God will take care of me - his way is best.

4) I hope it will one day serve as a testimony to our child. I hope that when our child is born and older (at least old enough to read) this notebook will teach them of the faithfulness and goodness of our God. I pray God will use it to encourage our child to love and follow him.

What do you do to keep your prayer time focused?

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