Saturday, November 12, 2011

My love-hate affair with Vitamins

I am no fan of prenatal vitamins:

Actually, I am a fan - I am thankful for the fact that the Lord has provided vitamins so my baby will have the most nutrients, etc... However, actually taking the vitamins - that's the problem.

First, the stinkers are HUGE! I don't swallow pills well anyway, but big pills- geesh.

Second, they stink. They contain anchovies and sardines for the DHA/Omega 3 value. I'm not the biggest fan of fish, particularly because of the smells. Just opening the bottle is enough to make me get sick - psychosomatic, I know.

Third, they make me sick. I've experimented with taking them in the evening, in the morning, as I start eating, as I finish eating, letting them "air out" for a while beforehand, yada yada yada. Regardless, about 30 minutes after choking one down, I succumb to nausea.

So, at my 8-week appointment a few weeks ago, I asked Dr. P what to do. She suggested switching to good ole' Flintstones. Now, I am resourceful (read: cheap) and we had already bought two bottles of these vitamins. They were on sale, buy one get one free, so that's 120 pills. I didn't want to switch until I had used them up. Resourceful, I am - yeah, I'm cheap.

However, as I'm nearing the end of my first trimester I find my morning sickness actually worsening. Gone are the days of only nausea in the mornings - now I get sick both morning and night with nausea on and off all day long.

Finally, my sweet husband took matters into his own hands and purchased two bottles of dear of Fred, Wilma, Pebbles and Dino.

Glorious Flintstones. I've been on them for almost a week now and the morning sickness has subsided dramatically. Granted, I'm still sick in the mornings (I have a tendency to get up and get moving a little too quickly for Baby Lackey) but the evening and daily nausea are pretty much gone.

Thank God for the Flintstones - seriously, I'm thankful for these little guys.
Be thankful in all circumstances. 1 Thessalonians 5:18

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  1. Well...that is my brother's child...slow to move or go anywhere!

    Oh and please do NOT allow my brother to take this...he LOVES the taste of them. We used to fight over them. LOL