Monday, November 14, 2011

10 Week Appointment (kinda)

Today, I am 10 weeks (really almost 11) and had a somewhat-semi 10-week appointment.

First, I saw Dr. V my endocrinologist.
Weight - 116.8 - that's up a whopping 3 pounds people despite morning sickness - woah.
My BP - 118/65
My Heart Rate - 87
Good News - my thyroid is doing so good - I'm actually able to divide my pills in half as I don't need to take that high of a dose anymore - yahoo!

Then, this afternoon I saw dear sweet Dr. C.

Dr. C is an OB/GYN doc who is also one of the professors at the seminary both James and I graduated from. Dr. C not only teaches several classes (mostly in the counseling department) but also "doctors" people at the school clinic and moms in need at a local crisis pregnancy center. He agreed to try out his new sonogram machine on me this afternoon. So, while it wasn't an official OB visit with Dr. P - it was a chance to see my dear baby.

Stats: Still measuring on-time (10 weeks, 6 days).
All parts, to be seen at this stage of development, were accounted for.
Baby Lackey is either training to be a gymnast or a boxer - he/she was ALL OVER THE PLACE - punching, kicking, flipping. At one point he/she flipped upside down and turned
back right side up. (Guess that Reeces' Cup I ate on the way paid off - ha)

Sadly, I don't have pics/video at this time. Dr. C's machine is so new the printer isn't hooked up yet, but as soon as I can get a flash drive to him - he'll upload 4 sweet pictures and one awesome video. So expect them soon :)


God is so kind to provide another opportunity to see my baby. Before coming today, I found myself severely anxious about it. While excited, I always get nervous that they'll find something wrong. Fortunately, I was comforted that if something was wrong, I'd want to hear it from Dr. C - I know he loves the Lord, would be realistic about any situation, and lead me to Jesus for comfort. Of course, so far the Lord has been pleased to let everything progress normally. I, personally think he's showing off because I technically shouldn't be able to walk (but I do), shouldn't be pregnant (but I am), and shouldn't have a "normal" baby (which I'm praying for). I'm ok with that - I like it when God shows off! :)

My grace is sufficient for you, my power made perfect in your weakness.
Therefore, I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses so that
Christ's power may rest on me.
2 Corinthians 12:7-9

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