Monday, October 10, 2011

Our Story

James and I were married May 2008. He was still in graduate school, so we began birth control. In December 2009, James graduated with his Masters Degree. I was born with a birth defect called Sacral a-Genesis (part of the newly caused Caudal Regressive Syndrome) which affects my spine, hips, kidneys, etc... so in November/December 2009 I began heading to doctors specifically to ask if it was safe to try to conceive. Good News - while I am bound to be a challenge, it was safe. So after James graduated, I went off bcp.

Flash forward 22 months and we are finally pregnant. For the past 22 months, my body has rarely done what it was created to do. First, my cycles completely stopped! In 2009, I literally had 3 periods that weren't medically induced. The beginning of 2011 wasn't much better. In March, my doctor began me on clomid. It's a drug that causes your body to ovulate. "This is our chance!" was my thoughts, but alas after 3 cycles of clomid - nothing. But then the most amazing thing happened - my cycles returned on their own! June, July, and August - I had a 'natural' cycle - pretty on-time too! So imagine my surprise when on September 28th, my cycle didn't arrive.

I feared the worse - it was happening again. So I waited...I had all the symptoms - acne, tenderness in my chest, bloated, but no period. Finally on Monday October 3rd (6 days after my missed period) I took a pregnancy test. Now, let me let you know neither of us was expecting anything. We simply wanted to rule it out so I could call my doc and let her know my body was whacking out again. Imagine my surprise when low and behold - we have two pink lines.

The next morning (Tuesday) I took another one, just to be sure it wasn't a fluke. Another two pink lines. Now, we're cheap and were buying dollar-store pregnancy tests, so my friend at school recommended that I purchase a more expensive one. So Tuesday evening, I come home with the digital test. New test = same result. Looks like this is actually happening.

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