Thursday, December 15, 2011

15 Week Appointment

Stats from the appointment:
My weight - 118
My BP - 120/65
Baby's Heart Rate - 150
I got to see Dr. Paul, who is my "normal" doctor. (The practice I go to has 6 doctors in total and they like for you to see everyone at some point throughout your pregnancy just in case a different doc is on call and you need them). She was able to pinpoint Baby Lackey's heartrate on the first try! That is a super huge praise to the Lord. After finding the heartbeat, Dr. Paul pushed around on my abdomen a bit feeling Baby Lackey and commented, "Wow s/he's really active." Yep - that's my Baby - ADHD in utero! Love it!
Another Praise! I won a free 3D Ultrasound. Back at my 12 Week appointment, I put my name in a drawing for a free 3D Ultrasound give-a-way. Today I found out that I won! I never win anything. Part of me thinks they picked my name on purpose, but I'll take the blessing either way. Added Praise - the 3D Ultrasound is scheduled for Friday March 2nd, which is a Professional Development Day for James so he can come without missing work!
Prayer Request - Apparently, I have another/or the same UTI. I have had no symptoms, but my bladder's angry nonetheless. Dr. Paul wants me to call and schedule an appointment with my urologist to get it checked out more thoroughly. Please pray for my bladder - it's got issues but I know its nothing the Lord can't work through so I just need to trust him.
I am still confident of this
I will see the goodness of the LORD
in the land of the living.
Psalm 27:13

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