Monday, December 5, 2011

My Family

This weekend was my Dad's annual Christmas Party. It's a party they throw each year for my grandfather's remaining siblings. It's a wonderful time as I usually only see these aunts/uncles once a year - sad, I know.

James and I have literally no family in Kentucky, though we both grew up close to our family.

I lived on the same street as three of my Dad's seven siblings with another uncle and my grandparents one street over. My Mom's parents and brother lived just 20 minutes away. James actually lived with his maternal grandparents and his father's parents were in town as well. So we both have memories of being around family all.the.time. Being pregnant has awakened within me a new desire to be around family. I want Baby Lackey to know his/her great-great aunts/uncles, great aunts/uncles, etc...

Presently the Lord is not calling us to go closer to home, whether TN or WV - but to stay in KY. In fact the doors that have opened as far as jobs and such have tended to be even farther away from family. So I took tons of pictures this weekend so that Baby Lackey will at least have family to "look" at.

My stepmom, Sue and me

My Dad and me - as I have aged, I have realized that I am A LOT like him!

Adorable nephew, Woovens and me

My gorgeous sister, Sharon and me

Sweet cousin Lesa and me.

My great-aunt Mildred and me

The Lord has been good to provide friends who are like family and several have already designated themselves as the "Louisville Grandma, Aunt, etc..." but I do worry about our baby growing up away from family.

So friends, I need advice. How do you deal with living away from family? How do you teach your child about the people of your family when they don't get to "see" them but once or twice a year?


  1. I WILL be in my baby's life. No worries. Once SHE is able to talk...I'll call constantly. We can skype, or FB or anything. My baby will know their Auntie Marney loves them more than life! No worries on my end!

  2. I will gladly serve as a substitute auntie...not as good as the real deal, but I babysit (and I might possibly provide a little auntie spoiling as well)! :)