Thursday, December 22, 2011

16 Weeks

I don't feel like the belly has grown a lot since last week, but looking at the pictures it would appear my feelings are faulty. Here I am in all my glory below. Don't expect many more bare belly shots.
I had a visit with the urologist, Dr. B, today. Apparently my UTIs are sulfa-resistant hence why the macrobid I've been on hasn't been working. I could have told him that and saved us both time and me money. He was cracking me up trying to find an appropriate antibiotic because it seemed that everytime he blinked he forgot that I was pregnant and he needed to find a "safe" medicine. He did finally find one that satisified him and hopefully will kill this nasty thing. Though I feel fine - I'm totally asymptomatic - I'm not sure if that's a blessing or not?
Other random pregnant thoughts:
  • On our way back from Christmas in WV, we stopped at the Pizza Hut in Mt. Sterling because they have a lunch buffet (why don't more Pizza Huts have this?). I, who normally am a plain pepperoni and cheese girl, ate several slices of pepperoni with jalepenos, green peppers, and red onions. It was so tasty! Apparently, I am carrying my father's grandbaby.
  • Christmas is in 3 days. The Lord is kind and we've been invited by PCS family for Christmas Eve fun and food and church family for Christmas Day lunch. If you can't be with "real" family on Christmas - work and church family are a definite God-given substitute.
  • I am officially in maternity clothes now. While the Lord has been gracious to provide free hand-me-down maternity clothes, the only down-side I've found is that I am short and the people who have given are tall. Not so much a problem with tops or dresses/skirts, but pants are another story. Perhaps I'll break down and take some to a tailor. More likely, I'll just roll them up - hee hee.
  • 18 days and we'll find out with Baby Lackey will be a he or she - can't wait!

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