Thursday, December 29, 2011

17 Weeks

Ignore both the mess on the floor and the tired face as this picture was taken after we got home late Wednesday night from celebrating Christmas with my TN family.
Profile shot for a better view.
I went to Dr. V for my follow-up from labs last week. Good News - my numbers are perfecto. Apparently my thyroid likes me being pregnant. Plus my A1C numbers and BUN (kidney function) are perfectly normal as well. Praise God for encouraging news! Now if I can get my bladder on board - ha!
One week from today (1/5/12) we have our insurance hearing. I'm praying for favor with the insurance people and that I don't cry. Though perhaps if I do, their hearts will soften. The Lord has been kind to give me peace about it. After all, they can't repossess the baby :) so if we deliver with no insurance the doctors and hospital will just have to be patient while we pay them off.

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