Wednesday, January 4, 2012

18 Weeks

2 weeks and Baby Lackey will be half-way baked!

In other exciting news, I got my first unsolicited belly pat today. It was really sweet as it was from one of my 2nd graders. I get hugs and kisses all day, but this was a first as far as belly pats. But sweet AD came up and patted my belly and said, "Mrs. Lackey I hope your baby comes out healthy." "I do too," I replied then she said, "I think he or she will be cute, though. Can I change its diapers?" "Of course!" Isn't that sweet - I love my little second graders.

In not so exciting news, I felt like I got run over by a truck today. Man, was I dragging! My side kinda hurt, my back hurt, I was tired. Sheesh. The second trimester is supposed to be the best. I'm hoping this is just stress coupled with having been off work 2 weeks for Christmas and not a sign of things to come. But if it is, the Lord will strengthen.

Tomorrow is our Insurance Appeal Hearing (1pm). I'm so nervous it's not even funny.
We're praying and ask you to pray for the following two things:
1) Favor with the Appeal Hearing Officer. Last night, James and I were reading in Joshua 2 and were encouraged by how the Israelite spies described Rahab. They said she treated them "kindly." We're praying that the Officer will treat us kindly - that he/she will show mercy towards our situation.
2) Trust in the Lord. The Lord has been very kind to provide so well so far. We know He will continue to do so. In my mind, providing insurance would be the best way to provide but the Lord may have different (and most likely better) plans. So regardless of how the hearing goes tomorrow, please pray that James and I will continue to trust in the One who ultimately provides for all our needs.
Oh God in you I trust,
Let me not be put to shame
Let not my enemies exult over me.
Psalm 25:2 ESV

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