Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thankful for the Lord's Provision - Part V

As mentioned in Sunday's post the time is overdue for a "Thankful for the Lord's Provision" post.

The Lord has been very kind to us recently.

First, my birthday was two weeks ago. Somehow several of my students knew (I promise, I didn't tell them) and I actually got birthday gifts from them - how sweet! One in particular was a very generous monetary gift.

What has amazed James and I the most has been that those who give to us are not those we'd expect (not that we expect anything from anyone). What I mean is, you'd expect that if someone were to give you a large gift, that they'd be rather well-off financially. However, it seems that those families who we wouldn't consider wealthy are the ones who are opening their hearts (and wallets) to us. Their generosity is so encouraging (and convicting) and serve as a reminder to us that the gift means so much more when it comes from one for whom it really is a sacrifice. (Read Jesus' words about the widow's offering)

Second, we (really Hudson) has been gifted with several sweet gifts this week:

An exersaucer from one of my students' parents, a bag of clothes and adorable piggy bank from sweet Shawna in our Sunday School class, and a "Baby's First Year" sticker calendar from Mrs. Brenda, one of our cafeteria ladies at school.

Third, our credit card (onto which we've put the majority of my medical bills) was nearing it's limit. Last week, we got a letter stating that they were increasing our limit because we were such good customers - lol. I hate using credit and am adamently opposed to it, but it's really the only option we have as only one of my doctors allows us to make small payments on the balance. Good News is that it's 0% interest until September so here's hoping we get it paid off by then - otherwise, we may have an adorable baby boy for sale - just kidding, just kidding - I'll sell James before Hudson - hee hee.

Fourth, yesterday I got a call from Baptist regarding tomorrow's kidney ultrasound. The lady informs me that they'll need a deposit beforehand since I am self-pay. "No problem," I think until I hear the deposit - $850.00. Yes, you read that correctly - eight hundred-fifty dollars. I laughed. Literally, I laughed out loud in her face over the phone. I didn't meant to laugh, but it was either that or cry, really. After apologizing for laughing at her and upon explaining that that simply wasn't going to happen, I casually mentioned that we had been working on the hospital's financial aid applications. She states, "Oh, if you will bring the application I can waive the deposit until it is processed." Yahoo! I am thankful to the Lord's for James' proactivity in calling Baptist and getting the financial aid application ahead of time - he has been a good husband in trying to take care of things. I know this doesn't mean we won't eventually have to pay $850 or more for the ultrasound, but not having to hand that over tomorrow is such a blessing.

So when you pray tonight - praise God for the following provision for us - we are so thankful to see his working in our lives.

Oh give thanks to the LORD,
call upon His name,
make known His deeds among the people.
1 Chronicles 16:8
Sorry for the lack of photos in this post. My sinuses are being quite evil today so I'm being lazy.


  1. I will buy Hudson! But I WILL help you sell Jimmy too! Just saying. Love you guys and Mr. Hudson!