Wednesday, January 25, 2012

God Hears

Today is a testament to the fact that God hears our prayers. I was nervous and had several specific things I asked God to do:

1) Provide a good parking spot at the hospital
2) Keep me calm
3) Let my kidneys be OK

Here's how the Lord responded to my prayers:

1) I got an awesome parking spot - only 15 cars away from the main hospital entrance. It does seem silly to pray for a parking spot, but it's cold and I'm pregnant so getting to park close and not have to walk so far was a big blessing.

2) I was so nervous my stomach was in knots. When the Ultrasound Tech took me back we began making the usual small-talk. Turns out she is related to the Development Director at the school at which I work. Now, Louisville is not exactly a "small town" so this was unusual. Though I had never met her before, knowing we knew the same people somehow put me at ease and I was no longer nervous. She was great - we talked, we laughed.

3) This, I still don't know anything about yet. I tried to read her face as she was taking pictures of my kidneys and bladder, but she had quite the poker face (probably comes with her job).

Plus, in the Lord's kindness he provided in ways I hadn't even thought to ask:

When we were all finished taking pictures of my urinary system, the Ultrasound Tech said "So you wanna see Hudson for a minute?" Of course! I didn't get any pictures (as this wasn't the reason I was there) but we did spend about 10 minutes checking him out.

He was flipping around all over the place as normal. She paid special attention to his bladder and kidneys which she said looked perfect, showing no fluid retention. We had talked about my birth defect so when Hudson flipped on his side she commented on his beautiful, full spine. I love seeing my son!

The best part was that the majority of our conversations were centered around how the Lord has been taking care of Hudson (and us too) and just how good he is to provide.

I had no idea these were things I would have wanted when I woke up this morning, but God did. He knew what my desires should and he gave them to me today even though I didn't ask.

Delight yourself in the Lord
and he will give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4

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