Sunday, January 22, 2012

Random Pregnant Mama Thoughts - part 2

* About once every week or so, I get this intense pain in my lower abdomen. A weird pressure, stretching sensation that makes it difficult to walk and generally makes be crabby (sorry James). I'm assuming Hudson is growing and stretching my poor uterus as it usually only lasts a day; then is gone until the next week or so.

* Speaking of which, according to the websites I frequent, Hudson should be about 10-10.5 ounces (which he already was 2 weeks ago - lol) and be about 10 inches long from head to foot. Really? I'm barely 60 inches so my unborn son is already 1/6th my height. Sigh.

* I think James and I have finally made our decision about cloth diapering. After months of research, I think we're starting with the traditional pre-folds and diaper-covers. They are the most economical and will last the longest as they adjust to baby's growth.

* About cloth diapering - it's funny to hear people's responses. My family thinks it's wonderful - both my stepmom and sister cloth diapered. However, James' parents think we're crazy and even commented that by Christmas we'll have Hudson in disposables. My evil, competitive nature really wants to prove them wrong. Hee hee :)

* Hudson's been moving around a lot - which is amazing! I started feeling flutters and what-not around week 16 but they were very inconsistent and of course, I worried. I even emailed my OB Nurse once just for reassurance. It does make me feel foolish for not trusting the Lord all those times I feared the worse. The Lord is good and I really need to trust him more.

* Sinus pressure is not my friend - 'nuff said.

* Including myself, I know 8 women who are pregnant and expect delivery within 2 weeks of when my Hudson is due. Of the 8 of us, so far 5 of us are having boys, one is having a girl, and the other two either haven't found out or aren't planning too. That's some serious influx of testosterone.

* Lastly, the Lord is kind to continue to show himself and provide for our needs. I could tell you more, but it really deserves its own post - so that'll be on tap for tomorrow.

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