Thursday, March 8, 2012

10 Reasons Why Having a Boy Scares Me to Death

All that stretching and kicking must be super tiring, huh?

10) It's a HUGE responsibility. Not unlike having girls, mind you - but it'll be our job to teach him how to be a man. How exactly do you do that?

9) What if he's sporty? James and I are, ahem, not exactly athletically-inclined.

8) Boys tend to be hyper; very hyper.

7) While we won't have to fight the modesty battle, we will have to prepare him to interact with a world in which modesty among girls is not cherished or even encouraged. A few weeks ago this thought hit me so I asked James how exactly we were going to protect Hudson from being distracted by girls in immodest clothing. He shook his head and laughed at me. Apparently I know little of what it's like to be a boy/man. Time to start praying for his purity now!

6) I really don't want to end up with a pansy son. Read this blog post for good laughs and thought-provoking parenting tips:

5) Boys get hurt. They tend to be more adventurous and risk-taking. While I definitely want to encourage "boy" behavior (remember, no Pansy Hudson allowed), I fear that we'll end up with many trips to the ER as the result. How will I know when to take him to the doc and when to have him "walk it off?"

4) No offense to you Thomas fans, but have you ever watched an episode of Thomas the Train? Boys usually LOVE Thomas.

3) While I do love my husband and the man he is and is becoming - I have heard horror (and I mean horror) stories about the trouble he got into as a little boy. From pouring an entire bottle of dishwashing detergent on the floor to "skate," to trapping his sister in a toy box for hours while his mom looked for her, to running away while on vacation via climbing out the hotel balcany...if Hudson gets James' personality - I'm in BIG trouble. Come on God, I was a decent kid, let him get my temperment, please - pretty please.

2) He's gonna pee on me and I just know it. I have an issue with body fluids - sends chills up my spine.

1) I will be the example of what he looks for in a wife. That's a huge responsibility and I no-where-near measure up to what I want for him. Thankful for the Lord's sanctification and praying he makes me into the believer, wife, and mother that my Hudson needs to see.


  1. Exact same fears here!!! And David is 18 months!!!

  2. Guys if anyone is wondering...I was the girl trapped in the toy box and I'm fine! LOL I just don't like elevators...but I'm good. Hahahaha Oh Melissa you forgot about James wanting to be Tom Sawyer. And sports...did you forget who his uncle is?!?! We will have to come visit more often if Hudson is into sports! (: (Hudson be into sports! LOL) I don't like body fluids either. Have James change him! hahahaha I think you are doing a find job as being a wife...just do what you've been doing...learning as you go, growing and changing as you need to, loving all the way...Hudson will see what I see then!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement. The responsibility of it all is just overwhelming if I think about it too long. Perhaps I just shouldn't think - haha :)