Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's all relative in the WV

This weekend, we traveled the 6 hours to Logan, WV for an intimate Baby Shower with James' family. It was such a blessing to see everyone. Enjoy the pictures and feel the love:

Cousin Mel started the shower out with a sweet song.

The gift table. The Henlawson VA Center was the locale, hence all the patriotic decor. James' Dad is now the Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corp League. I honestly have no idea what that means, but everyone was pretty excited about it :)

Opening gifts, we had two little helpers: Kay and Hay, the daughters of James' Cousin Kelli. They were such great helpers bringing us the presents, helping us open them, throwing away the trash, and even explaining to James just what exactly this little froggie bath cover-up is for.

We got lots of monkey attire. Unbeknownst to me, while James had the scanner at Babies R Us, apparently he got a little too loose with registering for monkey gear. Crazy Man. It's OK though, Hudson will surely be an adorable little monkey.

James and his oldest cousin, Alden and his wife, Thelma. We visited with them after the shower and James and Alden literally talked for 4.5 hours straight - no lie. Alden is almost 81 years old and is a disabled Korean Vet. He and James discussed politics, movies (he used to run the movie theatre for the coal mines as a teenager), family history, etc... Meanwhile, sweet Thelma and I hung out and laughed at them.

Me with James' first cousin, Kim and her son, Trey.

Me and James' Sister, Hudson's Auntie Marney.

Me and James' Mom, Hudson's Granna.

We gave Granna a Grandmother's Bible in honor of her first grandson, Hudson. She liked it a lot.

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