Wednesday, March 7, 2012

27 Weeks

Today marks 27 weeks - the last week of my second trimester.
Here are the stats from yesterday's glucose testing appointment:

My weight - 125 pound. Up one pound from last month, up 12 pounds total. I was kinda disappointed because I felt like I should have gained more, but apparently I am mistaken as my doctors couldn't be more happy.

My BP: 120/80

Hudson's Heart Rate: 148 bpm

Like usual, there was protein in my urine. Sigh. But Dr. S encouraged me saying that the protein (an indication of this never-ending UTI) won't hurt Hudson. If my BP gets elevated it would be a sign of toxemia, but my BP has been great (despite the few episodes of white coat/Lackey lateness). So apparently that's just me and she isn't worried so I shouldn't worry.

Today was rather discouraging as they called to say the results from my glucose testing weren't good. After drinking the lovely orange concoction, my blood sugar was 197 and apparently that's really high. The OB Nurse said it was high enough that I don't even warrant doing the longer, fasting-glucose test. So off to a diabetes class on Friday I go (thankfully I have the day off - thanks God for planning that in advance for me.)

It's not a huge surprise to me. First, I know I don't eat the best diet (I heart all things crunchy, which are generally of the carb-variety). Second, diabetes is all over my family: my mom had it, my dad has it, my paternal grandpa and maternal grandma had it; one look at my family tree will show every branch as sugar coated! Third, my doc had already warned me that having PCOS and taking metformin for a year before conceiving put me at a higher risk for developing gestational diabetes. Fourth, Hudson's consistenly weighed in a tad chubbier than normal, so I had a feeling something might be up.

Oh well, I'm hoping that by changing my diet (bye bye sweet carbs) and exercising a bit, it'll be OK. Overall though I am thankful that my docs are cautious and taking things seriously. While I do love carbs, I love Hudson more and will gladly give them up for my boy!

In honor of the last week of my second trimester, check out this collage of pictures ranging from 15 weeks to 26 weeks. It's wild how much my belly has grown! Grow, Hudson grow!

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  1. Did you swallow watermelon seeds? Aunt Rose did that once or so mom thought. Our late Uncle Harold told my mother she did...then Rodney came! Mom steered clear of watermelon for the longest time! LOL