Sunday, April 8, 2012

31 Weeks & Resurrection Sunday

I don't care what anybody says - I have one large baby bump!
I'm still feeling OK, just tired all the time.
However, this week is Spring Break and I have
never been more ready for a week of rest.
Well, semi-rest at least as I have plans to wash up
Hudson's stuff and put it away in his room.
Today is Resurrection Sunday (aka Easter) and
we were blessed to spend it with dear friends.

Sweet Maryann -
Maryann and I started seminary the same semester and
ended up at the same work and the same church. Needless to say,
we spent a lot of time together. She works for the Kentucky WMU
and is simply adorable. She'll be Hudson's Aunt May May.
This is Christine and her boyfriend, Sam.
Christine started seminary the semester after I did and
we eventually became roomies in good ole' Fuller.
She recently returned from doing mission work in Zambia.
I'm so glad my pretty former-roomie is back in Louisville.
She'll be Hudson's Aunt Christine :)
And this, of course, is James
making himself comfortable at Maryann's apartment.
Can't take him anywhere - haha.


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  2. I am so glad you guys got to come over yesterday. James is welcome to make himself at home.