Monday, April 2, 2012

Oh Tennessee, My Tennessee

This past weekend, like last, James and I trekked out of town. This time though we headed South to my home-sweet-home: Nashville, Tennessee. My sister and step-mom hosted a baby shower for us. Sadly, my camera died about half-way through so I wasn't able to get pictures of everyone - bummer. But enjoy the shots we did get:

Pretty Mrs. Sherry won the "How Big is Melissa's Belly?" Game - good spatial reasoning skills she's got there :)

Gift Time!
Mrs. Pat made us this adorable homemade blanket, which matches perfectly to Hudson's crib bedding. So soft and so sweet.
A crowd shot: from left to right, Mrs. Sherry (she was one of my Sunday School teachers as a young child at church and an overall good example of a Mom/Wife for me), my Cousin Leesa, my Step-Mom Sue, my Great-Aunt Mildred.
This picture isn't exactly anything exciting, except for the cuteness that is my sister. I mean, seriously, look at her sweet smile - adorable!
Me and my absolutely gorgeous neice, Angela.
Me with Mrs. Susan and my "Sister from another Mister" Sarah. It's literally been like 3 years since I've seen her. I'm so thankful they made the long drive from Huntsville. Sarah - come see us in Louisville ASAP!
Me and Mrs. Kay. Mrs. Kay is probably my dearest friend. After my Mom died, she and her husband (who go to my home church) kinda stepped in and became family. I even lived with them for 9 months before I moved to Louisville. I love her and so value her friendship.
Me with Mrs. Sherry and her beautiful daughter, Brittany who is the mom to an adorable 18-month boy. They both provide such encouragement to me as a whole. It's wonderful how the Lord gives you other believers to sharpen, encourage, and guide you.

Sadly, those are all the pictures I got (stupid camera battery). Also in attendance was my Aunt Ann, who is pretty much the only person in my family my heigth. Plus the Sanchez girls stopped by - I've known them since they were little things and it was such a blessing to see them and love on their little ones. Kara, my sister's step-daughter made the food which was amazing. She has great ideas about living heathily and I love reading her blog and hope to implement her ideas very soon.

The Lord has been so very kind to us in providing these showers. Not simply because we get gifts for Hudson (though those are so very much appreciated), but the encouragement you get simply from being around friends and family who are celebrating the Lord's kindness in your lives with the gift of a child is simply spirit-lifting.

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