Friday, April 20, 2012

PCS Shower

Thursday after school, the sweet teachers/parents hosted a Baby Shower for Hudson and me. It was so much fun. Check out these amazing pictures courtesy of Angie, one of my former student's parents who just happens to be an awesome photographer here in Louisville.

Me with Mrs. B, Mrs. G, and Mrs. M - we have a lot of fun working together.

The gift table - everyone was so very generous.  We got most of the big items on our registry and so many useful and cute things.  I am overwhelmed with everyone's generosity, it literally took both James and my cars to get everything home.  Hudson is one blessed little boy!

A crowd shot before I arrived.  Many more where there throughout.

Gift time!

Some of the girls from my class this year - aren't they cute?

This would be the back of my "Prenatal Stroller."  Yes, it's a wheelchair.  Hudson's been making me quite uncomfortable recently so Mrs. G and her 6th graders took it upon themselves to decorate it for me to use if needed.  It did come in handy today at recess to sit in rather than stand or sit on the concrete steps, which makes my back hurt.  Honestly, I wasn't too happy about it.  Conversations about my pride then ensued.  I wasn't too happy about those either.  Sigh.

James adores AD and AD adores James. 

I work with silly people.

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