Saturday, April 14, 2012


Spring Break has been "Get Ready for Hudson" week. His Nursery is thisclose to being ready. But the most exciting thing we accomplished was prepping his newborn cloth diapers. We ordered them from Green Mountain Diapers and they actually arrived about 2 weeks ago. Here's what they looked like straight from the box: 3 dozen newborn cloth diapers, 1 dozen small cloth diapers, 4 snappi fasteners, 24 cloth wipes, one wet pail liner, and 6 diaper covers.

Thankfully they also set a nice "What to Do" guide. One has to prep the cloth diapers by washing and drying them multiple times to get them to quilt up to be absorbent and soft.

Four washes and dries later - here's what we had.

Now all I need is for Hudson's little bum to be here so we can diaper him. I can't wait - 48 days!

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