Monday, April 9, 2012

53 Days*

until Hudson arrives. Yes, folks we finally have a date for his cesarean - Friday, June 1st. (my official due date is June 6th - just fyi)

Today was my 31/32 week appointment with Dr. P. Here are the stats:

My BP: 120/80

My Weight: 125 - no change. I am concerned, but the doctor isn't. She thinks the lack of weight gain is due to the gestational diabetes diet I've been on.

Fundal Height - 32, right on target which is the main reason Dr. P isn't concerned about my lack of weight gain.

Hudson's Heart Rate: 145 bpm

My Urine's still rocking some protein - sigh.

Good News: After looking at my blood sugar records for the last month, I get to reduce checking my blood sugar to twice a day (it has been 4 times a day). This will save us much moola as those glucose strips are literally a dollar a piece and a tube of 50 only lasts about 2 weeks when you have to test it four times a day. Thanks to Mrs. G who suggested I ask her about it.

Also, after looking at my blood sugar records, Dr. P says I've actually been running a tad low so I get to add in an extra serving of carbs to breakfast - yahoo! I like carbs.

Now, I'm on the 2 week rotation for OB visits.

Funny News: While Dr. P was pushing around on my belly feeling my uterus and Hudson, he kicked her. Fortunately she just laughed, but I'm going to have to talk to my son about not kicking people. :)

53 days! I gotta get off this internet and get to work - too much to do!

*EDITOR NOTE* Apparently I still can't count ... silly pregnancy brain. It's actually 53 days away!

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