Wednesday, April 11, 2012

32 Weeks

Not much to say, except I am loving Spring Break. Despite the sudden cold snap (what's up with that by the way?) and the fact that this week is going way too fast - I am so enjoying the rest, relaxation, cleaning (yes, I am enjoying cleaning), and most of all: visiting with friends.

Here I am with Christine and Jenny. Jenny is in town from Southern Illinois for the Together for the Gospel conference. We all three were seminary friends and had way too much fun in our years there - particularly during our time in Mullins together. Jenny and her sweet twin sister, Penny sent Hudson two adorable outfits and his own copy of my most favorite book. Now Hudson won't have to read from the worn copy I have in my classroom. Thank you Aunt Jenny & Aunt Penny!

Here I am for my obligatory weekly shot. We decided to change the locale from the dining room to Hudson's nursery. It's not finished yet, but definitely farther along than before.

My innie has been an outie for a while now, but it's now much more evident as it's sticking out through two layers of shirts here. I have a feeling that my sweet belly-button will never been the same again - haha.


  1. Hey Melissa -where did you get the bedding in your pics? Briggs & the new baby will be sharing a room so I need to find something that will coordinate with what Briggs already has. This looks like it might work! Thanks.

    1. Hey Brandi,

      It's from Target. I registered for it online as the stores here in town didn't have ANY bedding in the actual store. I think it's called "Dot Fun." It wasn't too expensive ($70) and came with a crib sheet, the blanket and the bumper thingy.

  2. Thanks! I will have to check that out. :)

  3. I had so much fun! It was good to get to hang out and visit! Can't wait for another trip when baby Hudson is here :)